Recipe: Crisp cookies squeezed in winter (high powder version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Crisp cookies squeezed in winter (high powder version)


The difficulty of the cookie: not good crowding, the pattern disappears, the difference in taste is really different, tried several recipes, or love the high-powder version, take it easy to get bad, the entrance also has a taste. If you like the taste of crispy, it is still good for low powder. This formula combines the experience of many of your predecessors and has many of your own practices. No nonsense



  1. The butter is softened, very soft, but still solid. Add sugar powder to send

  2. Add milk in portions until completely absorbed

  3. Add the beaten eggs in portions until they are completely absorbed.

  4. The powder is mixed and sieved (high powder, corn starch, milk powder), and the coconut is mixed together. If it is thick, it is recommended to break it a little.

  5. Mix the powder with the butter, do not over-mix, and mix it with a light, moist feel

  6. Loading flower bag and squeezing flowers

  7. 180 degrees, about 15 minutes, need to be closely observed, basically the edge of the cookie can be baked.


1. It is very important to fully soften the butter. This is not to be said. 2. Because it is winter, I am adding warm milk, which is very important for easy squeezing. 3. Coconut is used to add flavor and will also make Cookies are more crisp, don't love, don't add them, of course, try to operate in a warm room, don't abuse yourself, I wish you easy to eat cookies.

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