Recipe: Creamy ice cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Creamy ice cream


Made of two kinds of ice cream with pure milky taste and banana flavor. Very delicious and easy to do!



  1. Yogurt is mixed evenly with white sugar.

  2. Light cream is sent to about 70%, and there are lines.

  3. Crushed the banana into mud.

  4. Yogurt is mixed with whipped cream and divided into two portions. One is directly frozen into the mold, one is mixed into the banana puree and frozen in the mold.


1. The mold I used is small, with four flavors of original flavor and banana flavor. 2, the amount of white sugar according to the situation to taste tasting adjustment, can be slightly sweeter, because the sweetness after freezing is light. 3. Freeze overnight. After taking it out, warm it up slightly or wash it off with water to facilitate demoulding.

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