Recipe: Cream coffee

Home Cooking Recipe: Cream coffee


After finishing the hibiscus pudding, there is left the cream and the bottom of the cake. I want to get the individual to use up the rest. There was no clue in the search in the kitchen... I had to try to get some of my horses. So there was this, it was not hopeful, and the result was unexpectedly good. Haha~ Although the sale is not awkward, the process of doing it is very embarrassing...



  1. The whipped cream is sweetened with sugar and the biscuits are crushed into slag and poured into the whipped cream.

  2. Coffee hot water is brewed into the cup for 5 minutes, and the cream is put into the flower bag and squeezed onto the surface of the coffee to get it.


Coffee is 5 minutes full, if you put too much coffee, because the cream is squeezed into the hot coffee, it will be turned off and then it will produce a lot of very sweet drops of foam... Then... overflowing... (fall!! I am so embarrassed Ah!! The overflowing table is full of land!!) After you squeeze it, you can eat it hot. I took a small cup before taking a photo. This cup was almost the same when it was shot...==#~ Actually, I really have a snow top, although it is very ugly. Snow top...

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