Recipe: Cream Cheese Waffles

Home Cooking Recipe: Cream Cheese Waffles <CREAM CHEESE WAFFLES>


Translating and modifying the waffles from the muffin version, the protein-based approach makes the palate lighter and softer, with less sweetness and a hint of cheese. The hot scent is soft and soft, and it will not be hard and still soft after cooling. In the original side, I used a honey cream that I sent. I didn’t get it without whipping cream. I used the specific amount and practice. By the way, this cake is low in oil and low in sugar. When the staple food is served with salty mouth, it is no problem! The amount of square can be about 10 square waffles.



  1. The cream cheese is taken out of the refrigerator in advance and returned to room temperature. It's too late to cut into small pieces and put them into the microwave oven for 10s. The heating of 10s is soft~ about half a minute. Protein and egg yolk are separated for use.

  2. Cream cheese and egg yolk are whipped with a electric egg beater to a smooth, delicate paste.

  3. Add milk, oil, salt and vanilla extract and continue to stir well.

  4. Mix the flour and baking powder, sieve together into step 3, and mix until no dry powder is visible.

  5. The yellow sugar is added to the protein, and is sent to the hard foam by the electric egg beater. The egg beater can be pulled out to pull out the hard small triangle.

  6. Add 1/3 of the mascara to the batter of step 5 and mix thoroughly and then pour it back into the remaining 2/3 meringue. Use a squeegee to quickly mix up from the bottom of the pelvis to form a light, smooth and shiny batter.

  7. Pour the batter into your waffle machine (preheat for a few minutes in advance) or bake the mold to the desired degree of coloring. (This step of my machine is baked for about 10 minutes... It feels longer than the one I have done before, you can refer to it.)

  8. When the waffles are baked, you can prepare honey cream topping -

  9. The medium-speed whipped cream is just beginning to get out of the liquid. Add honey and send it to the soft triangle. Try it, add some honey if it is not sweet enough. Sealed with plastic wrap and kept ready for use. When you eat, put the cream on the waffles, and follow the preferences of various fresh fruits~ then add some honey/Maple syrup.

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