Recipe: Cream cheese shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Cream cheese shrimp


“Cream Cheese Shrimp” seems to be very Western-style, and its practical Chinese cooking method can also be processed. The key is to master the method of making “Cream Cheese Sauce”~ Now, share with you how to make simple and delicious food at home. "Cream Cheese Shrimp"~



  1. Shrimp~ Try to choose the big one, wash it clean, open it in half from the middle~ This link can be simplified. If you are worried about the danger, use scissors to cut the back. It will not affect the taste of the finished product. , so open, better mature and easy to taste and fully preserve the soup ~

  2. Garlic chopped ~ butter cut a small piece of spare, no need to soften ~ cheese slices cut into small pieces ~ cheese slices is used to make the kind of sandwich, try to choose the original ~ with other cheese or cheese powder can also ~ with personal preference ~ my home Only breakfast cheese slices so apply ~

  3. Heat the pan, add a little salad oil, first fry the shrimp, fry the two sides until the yellow is taken out~ Wash the pan, add the butter, open the small fire to melt the butter, the firepower is not big, the butter will burnt~ see the butter Slightly frothy, stir fry the garlic, add the broth or water after sauteing, add the cheese slices and boil after boiling, boil the cheese slices, stir the soup to avoid the bottom of the coke, add salt, black pepper or rosemary after cooking Add a little bit of rice wine, add the fried shrimp, cover it for 1-2 minutes, open the lid and collect the juice. When the soup is thick, you can start the pot~ Note: The cheese slice itself is salty, so pay attention to the salt. Add the amount, pay attention to try the taste before cooking!


Pay attention to the proportion of soup added, not too much. If you use a pan, you only need to go to the third of the shrimp. But butter is cream, so this dish does not need to put liquid cream~ cheese slices are common in the family. So I choose cheese slices for this dish, but after cooking, I think Don't lose to those famous cheeses~ The cheese will become thicker after cooking, so this dish doesn't have to be thickened, the cheese will naturally concentrate the soup~ After eating, you will understand that simple materials can also make authentic taste~ This method is also suitable for cooking lobsters ~ chicken and fish ~

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