Recipe: Cream cheese lobster

Home Cooking Recipe: Cream cheese lobster



  1. After washing the lobster, boil it in a boiling water pot for 7 minutes, and remove the lobster to cool the river.

  2. After the lobster is cool, rub the two lobster pliers down by hand, use the tip of the knife to fork into the joint between the lobster head and the body, cut in half in the direction of the head, and then in turn cut in half toward the tail. Mom out of the body of lobster meat, throw away all the things in the head, do not rinse the shell, keep the complete lobster shell

  3. Pry the lobster pliers from the joints, leaving the jaws, not the other joints. Knock out from the 1/3 of the root of the pliers with a knife and remove the forceps

  4. Cut the lobster meat into 2cm long pieces, and wash the mushrooms in a horizontal and vertical way. Divide into four petals, onion and peeled garlic.

  5. After the butter in the pot is melted, add the onion and minced garlic to sauté the sauté, put the mushrooms in the mouth, stir fry the water, and cook the white wine.

  6. Pour whipped cream, adjust a little salt and pepper according to taste, cook until thick, medium heat, creamy mushroom juice is ready

  7. Place the preserved whole shrimp shell on the baking tray covered with tin foil, fill the cut lobster meat into the shrimp shell, pour the mushroom cream sauce, and finally sprinkle the cheese, and the middle layer of the oven is fired 180 degrees and baked to the surface. Golden yellow

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