Recipe: Crab yellow tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Crab yellow tofu


I think how hard it is to make crab yellow, it is actually a constant dish!



  1. Tofu is taken out of the diced and rinsed with water.

  2. Pour a bowl of water in the pan and boil it and pour in the tofu.

  3. After boiling, pour the starch into the water and simmer it.

  4. Salted duck eggs go white and leave yellow, crushed with a spoon

  5. Pour a little oil in the pan, put the egg yolk in, take the shovel back and push it clockwise

  6. It’s okay to stir up the bubbles.

  7. Pour the tofu in, mix well with the egg yolk, and season with salt.

  8. Be careful not to fry the tofu too much, otherwise it will affect the appearance, okay.

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