Recipe: Crab yellow egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Crab yellow egg


When I was a child, it was difficult to eat crabs. My mother changed the way to cook the delicious crab. I have been deeply impressed by my childhood. Today, with the memory, let the mother taste reappear!



  1. Wash the ginger and cut it into the end.

  2. Prepare a small bowl, pour the vinegar, add the ginger, add some soy sauce, a little salt, sugar, and mix thoroughly to make it taste.

  3. From the oil pan, the oil is a little more, and the eggs are beaten. When the protein is slightly condensed, stir fry, pour the seasoning along the pan and stir fry.


PS: 1: Do not break the eggs, it will be very beautiful. 2: The seasoning will be very tasty after a while, and the stir-fry tastes better. 3: This dish is fast-fried and can't be fried too old!

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