Recipe: Cornmeal porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Cornmeal porridge


Cornmeal porridge used to be done before, and the vegetables and salt are still salty or just learned. Plus my favorite red sausage is my own casual match. Drinking both mouthfuls of vegetables and meat, as well as the aroma of cornmeal. A bowl goes down, warm, nutritious and healthy.



  1. Corn flour is mixed with water to form a batter, which can add less alkali

  2. The water in the pot is boiled, poured into the batter, and quickly stirred in one direction.

  3. Turn the pan and turn to low heat, add chopped red sausage and greens, continue to cook and stir

  4. After boiling, cook for another 3 minutes on low heat.


Tips: 1, raw corn paste should not be too thick, because with a small fire to cook slowly, porridge will want to thicken; 2, cook for a while after the pot is to let the flavor of the cornmeal fully exude; 3, the porridge inside the dish and meat can be arbitrarily matched according to personal preferences, without adding the red sausage to add a little salt to taste; 4. If you use cornmeal to push the cornmeal to cook, the scent of the porridge will be stronger.

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