Recipe: Corn vegetable salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Corn vegetable salad


This dish is ordered by his son. He especially likes to eat corn salad, but in order to increase nutrition, he has added other vegetables. In short, the effect is good!



  1. Broccoli cut a small flower, wash it, boil it with boiling water and salted water, remove it and let it cool in cold water.

  2. Cut the carrots, cook with the water above, and remove the cold.

  3. Cut the potatoes into small dices, cook with the water above, and remove too cold.

  4. Cucumber diced, put together with other diced vegetables

  5. Mix the salad dressing and yoghurt, pour over the diced vegetables and mix well.


Mixing the salad dressing with the yogurt is much better than laying the salad dressing alone.

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