Recipe: Corn taro

Home Cooking Recipe: Corn taro


Homemade corn tassels are more assured, to order coarse grains, add points for health~



  1. Flour and corn flour mix

  2. Dissolve the yeast in warm water of about 35 degrees

  3. Slowly pour the yeast water into the flour and stir it into floccules with chopsticks.

  4. Smooth the dough into dough by hand

  5. Fermented to twice as large in warm place

  6. Remove the dough and place it on the chopping board until it is cut open. No large pores are visible.

  7. Divided into 10 doses, arranged into a circle

  8. Put the prepared taro greens in the steamer and wake up for 10-20 minutes.

  9. Open fire, all medium and small fire, steam for 20 minutes after the water is turned on, turn off the lid after turning off the fire for 3 minutes.


There are many techniques for steaming steamed buns. There is not much sputum. There is only one point. It is best not to use a big fire when you start steaming. Otherwise, a large amount of water vapor will drip onto the dough to form a dead noodles. No matter how you steam, you can’t make it. The tightness of the cover should be ensured. It is best to put a piece of cotton between the lid and the body of the pot, and then press the lid with a heavy object so that the cold air can't get in.

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