Recipe: Cordyceps flower stewed pigeon

Home Cooking Recipe: Cordyceps flower stewed pigeon



  1. Cordyceps flower soaked in water in advance

  2. Wash and wash the scallops with water.

  3. Put the pigeons in chunks

  4. Into the water

  5. Yam washed and peeled

  6. Soak in clean water to prevent air oxidation

  7. Put the pigeons that have passed through the water into the casserole

  8. Add clear water and boiled flowers, scallops, onions, and ginger.

  9. Add a little yellow wine to 腥

  10. Old pigeons

  11. The simmer has been stewed for at least four hours.

  12. When the pigeon meat is poked with chopsticks

  13. Add 枸杞 and yam stew for 20 minutes

  14. Seasoning with salt before eating

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