Recipe: Cordyceps flower scallop corn soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Cordyceps flower scallop corn soup


Efficacy: nourishing lung and nourishing kidney, protecting liver and nourishing liver



  1. Rinse the Cordyceps flower quickly through the water.

  2. Wash and rinse, simmer for 20 minutes, then rinse off the water. Wash the corn and cut it into several pieces.

  3. After passing the bones and meat over the water, put all the ingredients into the pot (the ingredients you don't like to put in the soup bag) add about 1.6-2 liters of water. After the fire is opened, adjust the minimum fire for 2 hours and then put the salt.


Those who are afraid of seafood taste can put the scallops into the tax with ginger slices for 1 hour, then pour them off or put them in a pot, add water and add ginger slices to boil them (over water), then pick them up. Astringency. People who are accustomed to the taste of seafood can clean without washing or using water.

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