Recipe: Consuming light cream 8 inch cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Consuming light cream 8 inch cake


Light cream is about to expire, I want to consume it as soon as possible



  1. Egg whites and egg yolks are placed in two dry pots

  2. Pour whipped cream into the egg yolk pot. I used a box of Nestle 250ml whipped cream, all poured into the pot and weighed, the weight is about 235ml. After stirring the egg yolks and whipped cream, put the low-gluten flour. After putting it in, stir it, I used the screen to pass it again, in order to reduce the facial paralysis.

  3. After the protein is added with sugar, add 1/3 of the protein after it is added to the mixture of flour, egg yolk and whipped cream. After mixing, pour the mixed liquid into the protein bowl, and mix well. Inch round mold. 30L oven, medium and upper grid, 170 degrees and 40 minutes

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