Recipe: Concentrated Chocolate Ice Cream / Ice Cream (Video)

Home Cooking Recipe: Concentrated Chocolate Ice Cream / Ice Cream (Video)


Weibo: Welcome to ask questions, welcome to 撩 ???????????? fast, delicate, rich. There are so many requirements for ice cream, and the consumption is too fast. Every day is to shoot video and cut video. I don’t know how many people are watching it~



  1. Corn starch 10g milk 30g mixed evenly spare milk 240g fine sugar 15~25g simmer until the edge bubbling, do not boil milk chocolate 65g (or dark chocolate 50g + sugar 25g) chopped into milk, while small fire Boil the egg and stir well. Do not boil the cornstarch paste and pour it into the chocolate milk. Stir well. Cook in medium to small heat until thick (about 3 minutes). Turn off the cold water and stir until the cold cream is 60g. Add directly to the milk paste and mix well. Pour into the mold and freeze (or pour into the ice cream machine to make ice cream)

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