Recipe: Colorful pepper fungus scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Colorful pepper fungus scrambled eggs



  1. The black fungus is soaked in warm water in advance, the red and yellow colored peppers are cut into pieces, the eggs are broken, and a large spoonful of cooking wine and a half spoonful of salt are mixed to form an egg liquid.

  2. Fry the oil in the wok, more than usual, fire, first scramble the eggs, see the oil pan after the smoke, pour the mixed egg liquid, and then quickly use the chopsticks to break the egg liquid in the pot, so that the egg liquid Quickly solidified into pieces. After seeing that all the egg liquid has basically solidified, it will be out of the pot and ready for use.

  3. In the same wok, add some oil, and chop the green onion. After smelling the scent, pour in the black fungus and stir fry. Since the fungus is not easy to cook, you can pour some water slightly, cover it for 2 minutes, continue to stir fry. Taste that the fungus is almost cooked, then pour the cut red and yellow pepper pieces, fried eggs, add half a spoonful of salt (please adjust according to your own taste), 1 tablespoon cooking wine, stir fry a few times , you can go out

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