Recipe: Cold yam

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold yam


Listen to a crisp ear and a smooth bite. Calories: 235 kcal (2 servings)



  1. The yam is peeled off and cut into slanted blades; the fungus is soaked in warm water and the roots are removed; the red-colored pepper cuts the diamond-shaped pieces; the shallots are chopped.

  2. Put the mountain tablets in hot water for a while, then remove them and rinse them with cold water. Then put the fungus into a hot pot for a while, remove it and use it for cold water.

  3. Put the yam, fungus, and red pepper into a large bowl, add sesame oil, June fresh soy sauce, and thoughtful lemon salad dressing. Mix well and sprinkle with diced green onion.


Fresh and delicious soy sauce in June makes the yam tasteful and fresh and fresh. Nutrition expert Xu Jing Comments: cold yam, the whole course of production is exquisite, yam is crisp, fungus is smooth, delicious and nutritious, suitable for pregnant women with poor appetite in the second trimester. Yam is rich in starch, and often eat yam to digest and absorb the spleen and stomach. Fungus contains vitamin B1, B2, vitamin K, carotene, niacin, etc. The amount of iron in dried fungus is the highest of all fungi.

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