Recipe: Cold sea cucumber and cucumber

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold sea cucumber and cucumber


The weather is getting hotter and hotter, so simple dishes should be more and more popular.



  1. Soak the jellyfish in cold water for 3-4 hours, change the water 3-4 times during the period.

  2. Wash the sea bream to a salt-free taste, boil it at 70oC-80oC, and put it in clean water for use.

  3. Jellyfish, cucumber shredded, ginger, garlic, parsley, minced

  4. Raw soy sauce, sugar, salt, chicken, cooking wine, vinegar, pepper oil or sesame oil

  5. Mix the sauce with seaweed and cucumber before eating.


1. The time of the sea otter should not be too long. It is best to put it in cold water immediately after cooling, and the sea otter is more crisp and tender; 2, the temperature of the hot water of Bohai Sea can not be too high or too low, the temperature is high, the sea otter shrinks seriously; the temperature is low, the sea otter is not brittle; 3, seasoning juice can be adjusted in advance, garlic and air can only be volatilized after contact, pour before eating, to avoid affecting the taste; 4, sea bream skin is a cool food, it is best to put more "Ginger" to neutralize. 5, I use the canned bubble hair jellyfish, the general supermarket is available for sale.

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