Recipe: Cold salad with cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold salad with cabbage


In fact, this practice comes from my mother. . I am now internship in the field. . And I will work in the Imperial Capital in the future. . So I miss the mother-in-law and mix the cabbage. . Usually I have to work at 8 or 9 o'clock. . I can only try to do it on the weekend~~ Today is the first time to try ~~ This dish is light and refreshing, suitable for both men and women. .




1. Pay attention to the heat when you are picking cabbage, carrots, and fans. Don't cook for too long. If it is soft, it will not taste good. 2. The amount of pepper can be increased or decreased according to personal taste. 3. In the summer, you can put the cooked dishes in the refrigerator first, and the ice is more delicious~~

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