Recipe: Cold salad (Dish in the World Cup)

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold salad (Dish in the World Cup)


It is very suitable for the next meal, delicious and good to do, ten minutes to get it.



  1. All the seasonings can be broken and crushed, except for the shallots, all put in a small bowl and mix thoroughly.

  2. Dried sesame and ham diced, the water in the pot is opened, the fragrant dried in water for two minutes, and the cold water is fished out.

  3. Mix the fragrant dried diced, ham, and peanuts on the plate, then pour the seasoning into the mixture and mix well. Then you can start it!


I am in the refrigerator, I will let it go. If there is a vegetable, it’s better, cucumber, next time I try celery and mix it~

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