Recipe: Cold salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold salad


Simple salad with three wires. The weather is getting hot, and it’s absolutely pleasant to have a small dish with a porridge.



  1. Wash all the ingredients, shred the boiling water, boil the water into the pot, remove the water, remove the water, and mix well.


1, kelp is not easy to cook a little, so it is recommended to simmer into the kelp, then into the radish and lettuce 2, after cooling and draining, put it in the refrigerator for a while, the effect is better~ 3, when the red oil pepper is used, a little more red oil, a little bit of chili taste better ~ 4, you can add some other flavors according to your personal taste, such as garlic, pepper, sesame oil and so on. I personally prefer a little salt and a little pepper to taste, and then I can clearly taste the taste of each ingredient. 5, the advanced version can also add a silk powder strip is great ~

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