Recipe: Cold rice wrapped soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold rice wrapped soup


Cold rice wrapped in soup, the home on the tip of the tongue. The materials I made were not complete, and there was no old stone sarcophagus in the house.



  1. When I was doing it at home, I used earthen stoves and used rice. Cook the rice in a pan and remove it. Leave a little bit in the pot in the pot, just turn into porridge.

  2. Prepare the dishes while cooking. Pork belly cut into small pieces and stir-fry until the oil is dried. The dried peas are dried and the dried bamboo shoots are cut. The tofu is cut into small pieces and fried. Finally, seasoned in my own bean paste. Add half pot of water, not all the dishes, want to drink more soup can add more soup.

  3. The rice that is fished out is hot and the rice is crushed. The house was beaten by hand with stone. Do it yourself and grind it in a pot with a clean beer bottle.

  4. After the rice is crushed, pull out a piece of smashed into strips, and then take off one of the pieces that are pinched into a round shape with your fingers. Be sure to squeeze it hard, or you will get rid of it when you cook it. Pinch and throw it into the soup in the pot. When it is finished, slowly cook it. Finally, add the seasoning. After taste, you can pull it out. I can eat five bowls at a time, or my mother can do the best.

  5. Finally, pay tribute to all the teachers who wrote the recipes. I tried to record while cooking, but it was too difficult to find. If you are on the oil, use your mobile phone to take a few mobile phones with a layer of oil; with a SLR, I can't hold one hand. It’s really hard to do while shooting, thank you.

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