Recipe: Cold octopus

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold octopus


The most popular way to eat octopus - cold octopus with five-flavored juice. It’s really delicious to eat! The octopus brother said: "Don't let me cook me like this, I will show you "V"!



  1. Wash the octopus into strips, add rice wine, pepper, salt, ginger and minced garlic, and marinate for 30 minutes.

  2. Cut ginger, garlic and green pepper into the end and place in the bowl for use.

  3. Heat half a pot of water, pour in the octopus, scald for 10-15 seconds, pick up the drained water plate

  4. Heat 1 tbsp of oil, saute ginger and minced garlic, pour in the end of the pepper, stir well, inject 1/3 cup of water to boil

  5. Add soy sauce, ketchup, vinegar, sugar, sesame oil and stir well to make a five-flavor sauce

  6. On the cooked octopus, pour in the five sauces and serve.


1. After the octopus is placed in boiling water, it will be twisted and turned white. It can be quickly picked up in 1 minute. The octopus will be old for a long time and will lose its crisp taste. 2, octopus should first use rice wine and salted salt, one can remove the smell of octopus, and second, the octopus will be more delicious after cooking. 3, octopus is a sea fish, so the cold is heavier, add ginger to the cooking to remove the coldness of the octopus. 4, the fish's eyes will have ink, apply a knife to open and squeeze, and then rinse with water, can avoid the dish is blackened by ink. In addition, the octopus has sand in its mouth and teeth and should be washed out. The difference between octopus, cuttlefish and squid: Squid, also known as squid, calamari. Cuttlefish, also known as squid, squid, is the same as the squid. The end of the torso is very similar to the head of a javelin, so it is called a squid. The octopus, also known as the Octopus, belongs to eight wrists. Both octopus and cuttlefish have ink sacs that release ink. The biggest difference is that the octopus has only 8 wrists, and the suction cup on the wrist has no handle and ring. The difference between the three dry goods: Dried squid The squid is known for its dryness and fine meat. It is full-bodied, bright and clean, with a dry shrimp-like color. The skin has a layer of white powder, which is dry and light. Moist, the film is removed as a defective product, and there are spots or mildews that are inferior or deteriorated. Dried cuttlefish The high-quality cuttlefish has a dry shape, bright color, clean body, flat and wide, brown-red translucent, and has a clear fragrance. There are dark spots in the soft sub-section, the surface is pinkish white, and the back is dark red. Dried octopus Dried octopus is a dried product made from sorghum, short sorghum and long sorghum. The qualified octopus has a dry shape, a solid and fat body, and a strong claw. The body is brightly colored with persimmon red and brownish red. The surface is covered with hoarfrost, and the body is dry and has a clear fragrance. The color is dark purple and the quality is poor. The three are used as dishes and have different cooking methods. Fresh and dry squid can be fried with vegetables, and dried squid squid is delicious. Dried cuttlefish can be stewed with a small fire. The big fresh cuttlefish is a piece of flower on the table of the restaurant and can be used as a screw. The octopus is used to simmer pork soup, and it can also be granulated into the rice.

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