Recipe: Cold mushroom mushroom stick

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold mushroom mushroom stick



  1. The needle mushroom is cut to the roots for use, and the crab sticks are cut into silk.

  2. Put the silver needle mushroom into the pot for 2 minutes in the pot of boiling water, remove the drained water after the water is opened.

  3. Put the silver needle mushroom and the crab stick into a container, add the seasoning and mix well, then put it on the plate.


1. Do not eat the spoiled Flammulina. Flammulina velutipes should be cooked and should not be eaten raw. Flammulina velutipes should not be eaten too much. . 2, if you want to make a beautiful shape, you need to put the material into the cup before final loading, then buckle it on the plate.

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