Recipe: Cold mash

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold mash


When the weather is hot, it is more suitable for cold salad. Generally, after the vegetarian food is cooked with water, it is topped with sauce. I don't like the complexity. The sauce is usually very simple and it is homemade.



  1. Let the smash cut a small piece of water, don't over-cook it, the water is open, and the hot water will last for about three minutes.

  2. Take the peat and drain the water and put it into a bowl. Dip the appropriate amount of oyster sauce and soak it. As for the serving size, it should be less. If it is light, it can be added.

  3. Heat the pot and pour a small amount of oil. The oil is a little hot. Pour in the chopped garlic, then pour over the mash, stir and serve.


Basically, the sauce I made for summer salads is so simple and tastes good. Can be used to cool beans, lettuce and more. . .

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