Recipe: Cold green bean sprouts

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold green bean sprouts



  1. Wash the green bean sprouts, cut the green peppers; (I used two small green peppers, mainly for the sake of rich colors,)

  2. Garlic and ginger are minced, dried red pepper is cut into small pieces

  3. Put the water in the pot, pour the bean sprouts and green pepper into the water, put a spoonful of salt, cook for 3-4 minutes, remove it into a larger container (for easy mixing), and sprinkle the garlic on the bean sprouts.

  4. After the pot is washed, pour the oil into the oil, add the pepper, ginger, chili, and the octagonal (the oil can be cold, do not wait for the oil heat), stir the flavor, because you love spicy, add a spoonful Garlic with chili sauce and stir fry

  5. Pour the fried seasoning juice on the bean sprouts, add the appropriate amount of vinegar, and mix well.

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