Recipe: Cold doll dish

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold doll dish


140214, I feel that I will cook this dish often, so don't be lazy to write a recipe. Sour, sweet and crunchy, really delicious~~



  1. The dish of the doll dish is washed and controlled to dry, and placed in the dish after drowning.

  2. Add the right amount of vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and salt. The red pepper is shredded on top.

  3. Burn a little hot oil and pour it. Mix before eating~


1, the baby dish is very crisp, drowning time should not exceed two minutes. 2, vinegar raw sugar is added according to personal taste, I usually vinegar > raw pumping > sugar. Because of the addition of soy sauce, the salt should be added a little less as appropriate. 3, this dish has been light, so hot oil can be poured a little, mainly to sauté the pepper.

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