Recipe: Cold boiled peanuts

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold boiled peanuts


Peanut dishes, whether boiled or fried, or fried, are definitely worthy of the popular lover in the dishes, a dish that people like very much. Another name for peanut dishes is “to accompany the end”. On the wine table, many times, only it can accompany the diners to fight to the end. This is a beginning and end of the dishes, so people with a drink will use peanuts as their preferred dish. A bite of peanuts, between the wines, the taste is multiplied. When the summer is coming, find a good couple for your beer.



  1. Prepare ingredients, soak peanuts in advance, cut carrots and peppers

  2. Put the halogen into the pot, add salt, water and peanuts, cook for 15-20 minutes, then immerse in the fire.

  3. Water the carrots and peppers, simmer the vegetables, and pour them into cold water.

  4. Put the vegetables in water and put them in a cold pot. Add sesame oil and a little salt. Remove the cooked peanuts and mix well with the vegetables.


1, pepper can also be leeches, direct cold mix; 2, peanuts do not have to cook for too long, to maintain a crisp taste; 3, when the peanuts are cooked, put enough salt, when cold, salt is only used for vegetables, peanuts It is a taste in itself. For more recipe information, please visit:

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