Recipe: Cold bean sprouts

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold bean sprouts


The nutritional value of soybean sprouts is very high. Spring is the frequent season of vitamin B2 deficiency. Eating more bean sprouts can effectively prevent vitamin B2 deficiency. Soybean sprouts can reduce lactic acid accumulation in the body, treat neurasthenia and eliminate fatigue. Soybean sprouts also protect the skin and capillaries, prevent arteriosclerosis, and prevent high blood pressure in the elderly. Soybean sprouts are also a beauty food. They often eat yellow bean sprouts to nourish the hair, keep the hair black and bright, and have a better desalination effect on facial freckles. Eating soy bean sprouts is good for adolescents' growth and development and prevention of anemia.



  1. a pound of bean sprouts, with clean water

  2. Let go of boiling water for three minutes, remove the soybean meal

  3. Soaked bean sprouts in the basin

  4. Drain the bean sprouts and season with green onion, pepper oil, sesame oil, vinegar and salt. If you like spicy, you can also put some chili oil.


When cooking the bean sprouts, be sure to add less vinegar to keep the vitamin B2 from escaping.

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