Recipe: Cold and heart-shaped lotus

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold and heart-shaped lotus


Andrographis paniculata is suitable for areas that are hot and humid. It is mainly produced in Fujian and Guangdong, cultivated in the north and south of the Yangtze River, and wild in some parts of the tropics and subtropics. In this way, Jiangxi in the subtropical region should have wild andrographis.



  1. Wash the andrographis and remove the old stems and leaves. The water in the pot is boiled, half a spoonful of oil is dripped in the water, and half a spoonful of salt is poured into the heart. Under the heart of the lotus (see the leaves in the water all dark green, immediately remove. Green leafy vegetables can not be too long)

  2. Drain the water in a leaky sputum, in order to make the taste better, put it in the refrigerator for a while to cool down. Children's shoes without a refrigerator can learn from me, fan fans quickly cool down, this trick is also very useful.

  3. Garlic, ginger, and dried peppers are cut into pieces, the finer the better.

  4. Gently squeeze the water through the lotus root by hand to remove some water (to remove bitterness), then put it into the pot together with ginger and garlic, pour in salt, sugar, sesame oil, cold vinegar, chicken and mix well. Finally, sesame oil can be poured. Plate loading


Carefully licking, the salad of Andrographis paniculata is so cold and dripping

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