Recipe: Cola Lemon Ginger Tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Cola Lemon Ginger Tea



  1. Cola Lemon Ginger Tea: Coke one bottle, two slices of lemon, ginger amount: Steps: Prepare the ingredients for use. 2. Pour the cola into the pan, add the lemon and ginger slices, cook for 10 minutes. 3, cook and put Ginger slices and lemon are filtered out, into the teapot, and the uncooked lemon slices are placed in a piece. 4. The delicious cola lemon ginger tea completes the tips: 1. If you don't like too sweet, you can add some water 2 If you don't like too much ginger, you can put a little cold and drink a cup of ginger tea. It is very helpful for the cold in the early stage of treatment. And it is especially suitable for babies who don't like to take medicine but love to drink.

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