Recipe: Cola chicken wings (healthy oil-free version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Cola chicken wings (healthy oil-free version)


Delicious cola chicken wings, a simple way to do it without a drop of oil.



  1. Heat a pot of water, copy the chicken wings with hot water for about a minute, and then remove it after whitening.

  2. Remove the chicken wings that have been copied, and use a knife to draw two holes on the front and back of each chicken wing, in order to add more flavor.

  3. Put the chicken wings into the pot and pour 1 cola, 2 tablespoons cooking wine, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 spoonful of salt, 1 spoonful of ginger powder (optional: a little fuel consumption). Then flip it occasionally, and wait until the soup is dry and you're done.


1. Pay attention not too long when copying chicken wings, the meat quality will become old 2. When Coke is quickly dried, it must be released in time, otherwise it will be easy to paste

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