Recipe: Coconut roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Coconut roll



  1. In addition to butter, all materials are mixed and kneaded to smooth dough

  2. Add softened butter and knead the dough to a stretched state with a film

  3. Put the dough into the pot, cover with plastic wrap, ferment to 2 times the warm place

  4. Weigh the dough, divide it, round it, cover with plastic wrap, and relax for 20 minutes.

  5. Press and vent each small dough, turn over, on the dough, hand rub the water, pat on the dough, put in the coconut, gently lick the coconut, try to let the coconut stick to the dough (because the coconut is loose , the purpose of this move is to be more tight with the dough), pick up the circumference of the circle, pinch tightly

  6. Round the dough into a oval with a rolling pin

  7. Put the upper and lower ends, hold them by hand, at the lower end of the dough, divide the average 4~5 parts, try not to be too thick; (the curling after molding is fine)

  8. Then pull the two ends that have just been pinched open, hold the two ends and rotate them in opposite directions, cross the ends, and the joints are placed at the bottom of the dough.

  9. Put in the baking tray, the second fermentation in the warm place

  10. On the fermented dough, brush the egg liquid and sprinkle a little coconut

  11. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, fire up and down, middle layer, 20 minutes

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