Recipe: Coconut ribs soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Coconut ribs soup


Very sweet and fragrant soup.



  1. The ribs are washed and grown, the coconut water is poured out, and the copra is cut. Chestnuts are boiled with boiling water.

  2. Pork ribs, copra, chestnuts and water are put into the clams and boiled for a few hours. Remember to remove the floating foam on the surface when the water is just open.

  3. Add the coconut water prepared at the beginning and burn for 15 minutes. A pot of delicious sweet soup is just fine, and finally seasoned with salt, salt can not be more, salty will affect the sweetness of the soup.


Coconut water remembers to be quick to put it again, and it is not sweet when the soup is released.

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