Recipe: Coconut red bean cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Coconut red bean cake


I used to cook a few cakes with a few recipes, but I have never found a good recipe. The taste of the cakes I made is not enough. I have summarized the experience of making the cakes in the past few times and finally made it. The taste I want, this time the clam cake tastes and Q is smashed, and the coconut scent is also very rich. You may wish to try it, it will never let you down.



  1. Coconut milk and water, tapioca flour and sticky rice flour are mixed evenly

  2. Pour the right amount of coconut milk into the mixed clam cake powder. The amount of water does not need to be too much. Just put the powder into a thick paste.

  3. Add sugar to the remaining coconut water and boil

  4. Pour the boiled coconut milk into the slurry quickly and mix it evenly with the slurry.

  5. Pour the slurry into the mold and put in the right amount of honey red beans. Put in the steamer and let it steam for 10 minutes until cooked.

  6. Take it out and let it go off the mold.


1. After the steamed clam cake is steamed, it must be thoroughly cooled to eat. This taste is the best. 2, sugar suggested that everyone use half of brown sugar and half of sugar, such a clam cake color is good-looking, and the brown sugar taste is not too heavy 3, the sweetness of the square is normal sweetness for friends who love sweet, not Like to eat sweet children's shoes, please reduce your own sugar! ! ! 4, must be raw pulp hot mature pulp Oh! 5. Please don't change the recipe and raw materials at will. What if there is no coconut milk? Buy ah~ No brown sugar, what should I do? Buy ah ~ No cassava powder how to do? Buy ⊙▽⊙ ⊙▽⊙ 6, the recipe of this 钵 糕 cake is made with the Q in the 糯 ,, personally think that the traditional 钵 糕钵仔糕, please ignore this side, move to a treasure search for 钵仔糕粉^=_=^

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