Recipe: Coconut juice, meatballs, mango, black rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Coconut juice, meatballs, mango, black rice


Dessert season that summer is here



  1. 1. Rooster coconut milk or coconut milk is placed in the refrigerator!

  2. 2, black rice in advance for a night (in fact, I have no problem for 3 hours). Add more water than rice to cook in a rice cooker or electric pressure cooker, and add sugar to the sweetness.

  3. Take out the black rice, let cool, put the refrigerator, and ice up! Pick up the small black rice and pinch the small ball. It can also be placed in a semi-circular mold and compacted in a bowl.

  4. Cook the pellets in boiling water and let cool

  5. Mango diced

  6. Pour the coconut milk into the coconut milk, add the small balls, add the mango, 哒哒~

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