Recipe: Coconut glutinous rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Coconut glutinous rice cake


Rich coconut, Q-small sago, coconut milk flavor is natural, sweet but not greasy. Soft sputum teeth, feel the lips and teeth after eating. Coconut glutinous rice cake is a Thai dessert. The traditional method is to cook the sago until it is transparent. After the cold, it is filled into the small pocket made of zebra leaves, and the coconut milk is served. If there is no zebra leaf, you can do it directly into the egg tart mold, small cup or small bowl to install sago and coconut milk. A dessert that is perfect for this season, coconut sago cake.



  1. Sago is cooked in a pot until it is transparent

  2. Cooked sago, marinated in cold water, drained

  3. Drain the water into the sago into 10g white sugar, gently stir evenly, and spread into the bottom of the container

  4. Pour 200ml of coconut milk into the pot, add 25g of white sugar, and simmer until the sugar melts.

  5. In the hot coconut milk, put in a gelatin soaked in cold water to squeeze the water, stir until melted.

  6. Pour into a container with sago on the bottom, refrigerate until solidified in the refrigerator, take out the inverted buckle, cut into small pieces and eat.


1. How to cook sago: Many people tell me that cooking sago is not easy. In fact, cooking sago is very simple. Put more water in the small pot. After boiling, turn off the fire and pour it into the sago. Cover it for 10 minutes, then boil it and turn it on for a few minutes. Turn off the stove, cover the lid for three or five minutes, and lick it. Relying on the heat in the pot, Simi left only a little white heart, and then boiled and turned the fire, covered the lid, and the sago was all cooked. This method is easy to grasp the heat and save energy. If it is a small grain of sago, it is enough to lick twice. If it is a large grain, it may take three or four times. 2. Stir constantly while cooking sago, otherwise sago is easy to stick together, and it is easy to stick to the pan. Cooked sago can't be cooked with a big fire. Otherwise, if the sago is too rotten, it won't play.

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