Recipe: Coarse salted fish (lazy version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Coarse salted fish (lazy version)


Grilled fish, everyone should be familiar with. In recent years, all kinds of grilled fish are popular in the north and south, so here is a simple and easy to cook Western-style grilled fish, one of the most traditional Italian dishes.



  1. The main ingredient of this time is squid, killing it, scraping the scales, removing the internal organs, washing, no special draining

  2. Spread the tin foil on the baking tray, spread the coarse salt, place the squid vertically on the paved coarse salt, and then wrap the coarse salt underneath to ensure that it will not fall.

  3. Wrap the remaining coarse salt on the fish, spread it as evenly as possible, and spread it thick. If it can't be spread, add a little water.

  4. Put in the oven, the highest temperature, get up and down, and bake for at least 30 minutes (the highest temperature in my oven only shows MAX, the specific value is not very good, but it is estimated to be between 250 and 300, I baked for about 45 minutes)

  5. Freshly baked, remove the head and tail and fish skin, you can eat it. This is easy to learn, and you can feel the sweetness of the fish. It is worth a try.


Because I didn't take pictures when I was doing it, so everyone will take a look. 1. The oven can be preheated when going home to wash the fish. What temperature is used for grilling the fish? What temperature is preheated? Of course, because of the relationship between not eating fish skin, It is not necessary to preheat, but the time for roasting should be extended appropriately. 2. This method does not put onion ginger, etc. The smell is heavier than the general practice. When salt is added, you can use lemon juice instead of water. If you feel that this taste is not the same as the taste, you can also try to adjust the sauce yourself, or you can match some other small potatoes and other side dishes. 4. Fish skin really can not eat, very salty 5 If the fish skin is not peeling well, it doesn't matter. After removing the head and tail, it will be opened along the mouth of the fish belly, and the fish skin will be laid down on the plate.

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