Recipe: Cling film Dafa version microwave oven baked sweet potato

Home Cooking Recipe: Cling film Dafa version microwave oven baked sweet potato


I searched for a circle, it seems that I haven't used this method to bake sweet potatoes in the kitchen, so I built a recipe myself~ I don't need to soak water, I don't waste paper, I don't need electricity, as long as I have a microwave oven and plastic wrap, I can eat it in a few minutes. It’s hot and sweet, sweet and sweet potato! Please read with me: plastic wrap Dafa is good! If the moisture of the ingredients is not lost, use the plastic wrap Dafa! XD



  1. Twist a piece of plastic wrap according to the size of your sweet potato, then wrap the sweet potato in a circle from head to toe and wrap it tightly.

  2. Put the wrapped sweet potato in the microwave and sizzle. The big ones will squat for 4 minutes, then turn over for 4 minutes; the small ones will only squat for 4 minutes, until the sweet potato is soft.

  3. Roughly tear the sweet potato coat and underwear, eat it hot~ Be careful with hot XD


Wood has a failure rate, there are tips on wood~

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