Recipe: Clear stewed broiler chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Clear stewed broiler chicken


After searching the Internet for the general practice and starting to fool the lol, the original picture was not found, so I had to put a photo in the QQ space. (╯▽╰)╭ This dish is quite complementary to xD



  1. Put the green onion and the ginger slices into the chicken belly.

  2. Find a big bowl just enough to put the size of the boy chicken into the bowl, then put the chicken leg mushroom slice on the bottom of the bowl

  3. Then put the broiler chicken on top of the chicken leg mushroom, pour the rice wine into all the ingredients, and then add water to fill the broiler chicken.

  4. After boiling the water, put the big bowl in the pot and steam it for about an hour.


Ingredients can be added or subtracted according to your preferences. Like red dates can put a few more, if you like dessert, you can put more. Yellow wine is generally recommended to use Huadiao wine, with a bit of bitter taste, of course, you can also choose other flavors.

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