Recipe: Clear soup with meatballs

Home Cooking Recipe: Clear soup with meatballs


Clear soup with meatballs, remember that my mother used to do it often, I like to drink this soup, it is very fresh and very fragrant. Mom also likes to put a roast in the soup, the roast's small hole is full of fresh soup, bite down ......................Be careful, haha! I didn't put a roast this time, bought green vegetables and prepared to fry, so I took the greens in the meatball soup, a very refreshing soup.



  1. Add minced meat, chicken essence, pepper, onion ginger, cooking wine, dry starch, a little tofu

  2. Use chopsticks to stir the minced meat in one direction

  3. Boil the water in the pot and turn to a small fire. Put on disposable gloves, put the minced minced meat in the palm of your hand, then make a fist and squeeze the minced meat out of the index finger and thumb to form a meaty shape.

  4. Scrape the meatballs from the hands with a spoon and gently pour them into the simmered water until all the meatballs are in the pan. After the meatballs are formed, turn to medium heat and cook until cooked (time depends on the size of the meat, I will cook for about three or five minutes), while boiling, go to the float, add salt, and taste the chicken.

  5. Wash the little green vegetables

  6. Put the small green vegetables into the cooked meatball soup, then serve the pot and sprinkle the pepper powder into the sesame oil.


1. Do not buy whole meat at the end of the meat. It is good to bring some fat. I buy about the ratio of lean meat to fat meat 7:3. 2. If you have the strength to have time, you can buy the meat and return it to the minced meat. The taste and taste are better. 3. Adding tofu in the minced meat is to make the meat taste loose, but add tofu to control the amount, a small amount of tofu can be used, otherwise the meat will be boiled and boiled, there will be a lot of tofu and squirting out, affecting the color of the dish. I was Just have tofu on hand and put the tofu. If you don't like it, you can use vegetables such as cabbage to cut into the end and put them into the minced meat. It can also play a role. I don't recommend using all the minced meat. Making meat, the taste is too real, not good. 4. After adding the seasoning to the minced meat, be sure to use chopsticks to stir in one direction. Stir the chopsticks and increase the resistance. The minced meat becomes very sticky. It is the upper strength. This is not the process of cooking the meat. Will spread out. Do not stir up the force, put it in the soup and cook it will spread out, then it will become the minced meat soup. There is the water that cooks the meat. When the meatball is put down, it needs a small fire, and the water is like a roll. The state of rolling, can not be boiled in a big fire, or else the meatballs should be spread out. 5. The vegetables in the soup can be changed according to your own preferences. You like to eat oil tofu. The roast can also be put in, but no matter what you put, remember not to be too much. 6. The pepper sesame oil before the table can be decided according to your own preferences.

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