Recipe: Clear oil rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Clear oil rice


Full of grain, crystal clear The light fried rice is simple but has a strong natural flavor.



  1. Put a little more vegetable oil in the pot, add the onion and saute after the oil is hot.

  2. Put leftover rice and stir fry until the rice is loose and not agglomerated

  3. Put in salt and stir fry evenly

  4. Use the remaining temperature of the pot to simmer the chopped green onion and sprinkle it on the rice.


Rice stir-fry time is longer, so rice is chewy and the grain is distinct. After putting the green onion into the pot and frying it, you should immediately put it into the rice and stir fry to prevent the green onion. Use non-stick children's shoes to reduce some oil, put more oil in the common pot and stir fry to prevent the pot

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