Recipe: [Clay pot dishes] black pepper cream shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: [Clay pot dishes] black pepper cream shrimp


As the New Year's footsteps gradually approached, "big fish, prawn" and other dishes were gradually staged as a large dish at the table. The chef recommended this time, black pepper cream shrimp, different from the general cream shrimp used in the way of stir-fry, the steamed grass shrimp less shrouded, can retain the original delicious taste. The black pepper cream adds aroma, and the plate is served on the table. It is definitely a delicious dish! ~`(*∩_∩*)' (Using pot: Lubao Yangfeng steamer; eating number: 6 people; cooking time: 20 minutes)



  1. Wash the grass shrimps, remove the head and feet, and open the back to the intestines for use.

  2. Put the cream, onion and garlic slices in the pot and serve.

  3. Mix the seasonings and set aside.

  4. Put the grass shrimp on the plate, add the method 2, then add the seasoning, put the water in the steamer and steam for 10 minutes.

  5. After the pot, sprinkle with chopped green onion or parsley is more delicious.


Black pepper is spicy, delicious and awake. In the cooking, you should master the concentration and heat of the seasoning to make the aroma more intense. The picture works are all made by the little chef, please respect and cherish! ~ If you have any needs, please contact me~ I will be fully assisted! ! ~

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