Recipe: Clam letinous edodes fish ball soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Clam letinous edodes fish ball soup



  1. Wash the grass carp, soak the onion ginger and shred it with warm water.

  2. Remove the fish skin and remove the fish skin

  3. Use a cooking machine to whipped the fish into minced meat (or fish with a knife to make fish, or you can use a knife to break into minced meat)

  4. Onion ginger water, salt, egg white, and starch are added to the minced meat, and the chopsticks are stirred in one direction until the fish is strong.

  5. 浸泡 After soaking in salt water for several hours, wash it in boiling water and cook until the opening is ready for use.

  6. Heat the wok with hot oil, add ginger and remove the fish bones.

  7. After boiled in water, add clams and mushrooms to boil. Dig the minced meat into the soup with a spoon and cook. Then add the salt. They are all very delicious ingredients, so you don’t need to add anything except salt. Up


1. Grass carp is less thorny, better pick, is more suitable for fish balls, but when smashing the meat, try to check if there is any thorn 2. Since the soup itself is very delicious, it must not be added to the seasonings. 3. Use onion ginger water instead of onion ginger to add to the fish paste, the taste is more fragrant

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