Recipe: Citronella tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Citronella tea


I always like the aroma of lemongrass, the blend of lemon aroma and ginger, the warm scent of the throat, instantly purifying and boosting the mood, the warm stomach is full of pure and natural fragrance . It will remind you of the bowl of hot ginger water when you have a cold.  The efficacy of citronella (the following content is reproduced from the network):  Citronella (also known as lemongrass) contains citral, which has the effect of disinfecting, sterilizing and treating neuralgia and muscle pain. Therefore, it can be used to make tea, which can relieve sore muscles, abdominal cramps or cramps, and can handle digestive problems. It can cure diarrhea, colds and fever, headaches, etc. It is also beneficial for women to have urine, prevent anemia and moisturize the skin. Therefore, it is an indispensable vanilla for women's beauty and beauty. It also helps in intestinal cleansing and slimming. The effect of fat is usually also used as an after-dinner tea.



  1. The citronella is washed, cut into sections, flattened, and can also be kept together with a little leaf.

  2. Boil the water and add it to the lemongrass. Turn off the heat after slowly boil the aroma.

  3. Lemon juice

  4. Pour lemon juice and honey after the tea is cool


1, the lemongrass is easier to taste after flattening 2. The skin of the lemongrass can be removed before cutting. 3, honey and lemon should wait for the water to cool a little after the release, otherwise not only damage the nutrition will affect the taste 4, pure citronella tea taste is very good, if you want, you can add other ingredients according to your preference~

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