Recipe: Cinnamon white jade peach gum

Home Cooking Recipe: Cinnamon white jade peach gum


I’ve finally finished my homework and made a dessert for me.



  1. The peach gum is washed well one day in advance, and the lily is ready for use.

  2. Add two boxes of milk to one egg, add a proper amount of white sugar and mix well in a bowl. It is best to filter it so that the taste will be better. Put the lid on the lid and steam it. I used a rice cooker to steam it. I didn’t look at the time. I felt that the time was almost the same and I opened the lid.

  3. Put down the lily jujube peach glue in turn, about 20 minutes, add the right amount of rock sugar, this look at the personal taste, cook for about five minutes, sprinkle a sweet-scented osmanthus before the pot, you can pull out the electricity

  4. Pour the cooked peach gum on the egg

  5. A touch of sweet-scented osmanthus, milky, egg-flavored, start. . . .


The filtered egg is covered with a lid and steamed. The surface is really no honeycomb, and the taste is tender.

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