Recipe: Cinnamon & Matcha Crisp & Milk Crisp

Home Cooking Recipe: Cinnamon & Matcha Crisp & Milk Crisp


Chinese style cakes are divided into two types: big cakes and small cakes. The big cakes are suitable for mass production. Generally, the chefs of hotels and restaurants use the practice of big cakes. My mother is still used to this kind of package. The small package is more suitable for general household production. Although the production is a bit cumbersome, the taste is much better than the big package. I and my mother have done the test on these two kinds of crisps. The small package is better than the big package. A lot, of course, the taste is also slightly crisper, and it’s rare that it’s a bit of a straight slag.



  1. Taro is peeled and steamed and sieved twice.

  2. Mix with white bean paste, softened butter, white sugar and mix with electric egg beater

  3. Finally, add the right amount of taro flavor tones.

  4. Butter at room temperature, add sugar powder and mix well

  5. Add a small amount of egg yolk and mix well

  6. Add animal whipped cream and condensed milk and mix well

  7. Sift into low powder, milk powder and mix well, then knead into a dough, refrigerate and preserve

  8. Mix the oily skin material to the smooth surface of the dough, cover the plastic wrap and let it rest for 20 minutes.

  9. The crispy material is evenly mixed and divided into 3 equal portions. Two of them are mixed with matcha powder and taro flavor, and then wrapped in plastic wrap for 20 minutes.

  10. Divide the good oil skin into 12 equal portions, each serving about 32 grams; each of the crispy/taro butter/sweet tea crisps, about 20 grams each

  11. Milk stuffing / taro stuffing / red bean paste stuffing is divided into 8 equal portions, each serving about 30 grams

  12. Take a piece of oil skin, gently press it and pry it open, wrap it into the pastry, tighten the mouth, and close the mouth.

  13. The pastry is kneaded into a beef tongue, rolled up from top to bottom, the interface is pressed upwards and then lengthened, and then rolled up for use.

  14. Take a crispy pastry twice and cut in half from the middle

  15. The cut face is facing up, and then squashed and then opened

  16. The oil meringue wraps the milk stuffing, and uses the mouth of the tiger's mouth to slowly fold and pinch.

  17. Close the mouth, you can form an oval or a round shape, put it in a baking tray with tin foil, preheat the oven for 180 degrees, and bake the middle layer for 20-25 minutes.


1. These three snacks were made in two parts, and they were written together because the materials and processes are the same. 2. The amount of crisps for beginners should not be too large, you can do 4-6 each, or just make one special, so you don't have to race with time~~ 3. The filling can be changed or changed according to personal preference. You can also prepare the matcha filling yourself. Add 250 grams of white bean paste and add 5 grams of matcha powder. White bean paste practice point here 4. Matcha powder can also be replaced with green tea powder, but the color of green tea powder is slightly dim and the taste is slightly bitter. 5. I can't find the practice of taro stuffing. I can only use the words instead. The taro stuffing that I made is slightly dilute. If necessary, I can use it as a small group to freeze and solidify. I can also buy professional taro stuffing. It can be bought. It is more convenient to use and tastes better. For children's shoes that are especially concerned about pigments, you can choose two other snacks to try. 6. The ghee in the formula can be replaced by lard, butter and white oil. The lard is the first choice. There may be children's shoes noticed. Although I always say that lard is the best, every time I use ghee to make it, it is only an individual. The reason, because I have taboos, don't eat everything on the piglet's body~ so every time I use the ghee, the finished product is slightly inferior to the surface layer made with lard, but the taste of the crispy Still quite good.

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