Recipe: Cinderella series of carambola juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Cinderella series of carambola juice


The daughter likes to eat carambola, and she specializes in the Cinderella juice series - Yangtaoqing juice.



  1. Carambola and raisins are washed and used.

  2. I used this seedless green raisin and cut each half in half.

  3. Carambola is cut off and sliced. Because the carambola and the raisins are not peeled, so when they are cut, soak them in warm water (plus one drop of salt) for about ten minutes.

  4. After filtering off the water, add a proper amount of honey (you can also add it, see your taste) and a proper amount of pure water, and whipped it into a juice with a cooking machine.

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