Recipe: Chrysanthemum lemon tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Chrysanthemum lemon tea


Chrysanthemum clearing heat and detoxifying, clearing liver and eyesight; lemon is rich in vitamin C, whitening and tender skin; honey laxative, beauty and beauty.



  1. Lemon is washed with salt and sliced

  2. Put chrysanthemums in the cup

  3. Add lemon slices when the tea is cool to about sixty or seventy degrees

  4. Finally, after the tea is cool, add honey and mix well.


1. Honey with hot water bubbles will cause a large loss of nutrients, preferably warm water or cold water, so add tea after cooling. 2. The water of the lemon is too cold, and the fragrance is not easy to soak. If soaked in boiling water, more bitter substances will be dissolved. Some people worry that the water temperature is too high will lead to the loss of vitamin C. In fact, the acidity of lemon is strong, and vitamin C is better in heat resistance under acidic conditions, so it is not so easy to lose. Therefore, the water temperature of the lemon is generally suitable at 60~70 °C.

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