Recipe: Chrysanthemum

Home Cooking Recipe: Chrysanthemum


Simple and easy to do



  1. Six cups of water and ten chrysanthemums are boiled. When the water is boiling, it will turn off. After a long time, it will be smashed, and the chrysanthemum will be used to filter off the chrysanthemums, or the chrysanthemums will be packaged in Shabri at the beginning to save the filter.

  2. Add 10 grams of rock sugar to the chrysanthemum water, pour in the cabbage powder, stir while stirring, and turn off the flame immediately.

  3. Pour the boiled water into the mold, add the chopped, let cool

  4. Pour it out and finish it. If you use the tip of the knife to make a stroke, it will be easier to pour it out.r


枸杞8 or so, wash the paper rag and drain the water, then chop it up. Acacia powder, which can be bought in the supermarket, has instructions on how to adjust it with water. I use this bag with six glasses of water. Jelly mold or candy mold (if not, use a porcelain spoon) Gauze, used to filter chrysanthemum water I did not use fresh white chrysanthemums because I could not find :)

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